The diet you didn't even realize you were on

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The diet you didn't even realize you were on

(NC)— What does the inside of your fridge say about you? Generally, the refrigerator reveals the choices one makes when it comes to healthy eating, as well as the importance placed on nutritious food.

In a recent survey conducted by Samsung Electronics Canada, 55% are limiting their purchases of fresh produce to only what will fit in a crisper, and 43% admit they eat what they see first. It's no surprise that healthy treats may not be the first choice for many since desserts or sweets are the most popular midnight snack for women, based on survey findings.

According to Kelly Anne Erdman, the performance dietitian for Team Canada at the 2012 London Olympic Games, our current fridge storage habits can spell disaster for those trying to eat healthier.

“Subconsciously, we're all following the 'see food' diet; if we see it, we eat it,” says Erdman. “Whether advising high performance athletes or busy stay-at-home households, my advice is the same: the physiological effect that our vision has on our eating habits can't be underestimated. You are what you eat. Taking a few moments to properly organize your fridge with accessible, nutritious food options can make a difference for our health.”

Samsung says its exclusive “twin cooling system” helps keep fresh food much fresher, for much longer than with conventional fridge technology.

“Technology like that makes it easier for nutrition educators like me to get a healthy eating message across to clients, since eating well means filling half of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables,” Erdman adds.

Just a few simple tips can make all the difference when it comes to fridge storage and healthier eating:

Include low-glycemic (slowly digested) wholesome berries in your diet, which are chock full of vitamin C and won't spike blood sugar; keep them at eye-level in the fridge in a clear container.

Growing kids need to eat every few hours, so keeping healthy ready-to-eat fresh snack options in the fridge can help keep them going all day. Calcium-rich snacks like yogurt, milk, almonds, cheese and even broccoli paired with hummus are tasty and quick. Keeping snack-size portions in the fridge is easy for kids with handy counter-height drawers on new fridges.

For a quick salad, keep all your greens and veggies grouped together in clear sight in the fridge; try adding sesame seeds, avocado, chick peas or alternative grains like cooked quinoa to make it a more complete meal.

Organizations: Samsung, Team Canada

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