Reviewing electoral boundaries

An indepedent commission was struck to examine the electoral boundaries in Nova Scotia. A huge part of the debate has included the future of Acadian ridings, which have been protected constiuencies in the past.

Reviewing electoral boundaries

 Southwest Nova Scotia Electoral Districts

03 Argyle-Barrington

08 Clare-Digby

42 Queens-Shelburne

51 Yarmouth

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Jonathan Smith
- October 22, 2016
- 19 h 00

The issue in my view is not so much an Acadian issue as the issue of Yarmouth losing it's distinct provincial political voice. We are losing that voice at a time when we need it most. This is one more blow to the region in a rapidly lengthening list. Another growing list is the people leaving here ( if they can sell their houses ). The cost of living and the oppressive business climate combined with stagnant wages is making people realize the grass is far greener elsewhere. Yarmouth is coming to a point of no return. Even if we got the ferry back, there is very little here to keep the tourists in town because our tourism industry has been severely damaged. I for one am feeling a huge disconnect between our region and the provincial government. Yarmouth is becoming a place where people wait to die. After the elderly populace passes on and lobstering goes under, what then? The Dexter government knows that this region is a nightmare, so their solution is to weaken representation so our voice fades away. It makes my blood boil, and it all makes me wonder why my wife and I continue to remain here at all.

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