2013 Trends

Carla Allen
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The Garden Media Group can always be relied upon for an annual trend report and this year is no exception. For 2013 the theme is “Finding Bliss by Channeling the Forces of Nature.”

More people are realizing that connecting with nature is a necessity, not a luxury, says a garden trendspotter.


“People today are searching for ways to find bliss in everyday life. Being in nature – either in a garden or park or filling your home with indoor plants - adds immeasurable happiness and wellness to our lives. Connecting with nature is a necessity, not a luxury,” says garden trendspotter Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media.

People are being more thoughtful in their purchases and are buying higher quality plants and garden products that perform and last.

Looking ahead, Garden Media sees many influences or “forces of nature” shaping the lifestyle choices people are making for their homes, gardens and landscapes.

Shoppers want to know where their food is coming from and more are growing their own in their backyard or in patio containers. Plus, there's an increase in the growing of medicinal herbs and the more unusual culinary herbs.

Suburban homes are getting smaller. Young professionals and retirees are moving back into the city as we enter a new age of greener urbanization. Beautiful landscapes and gardens are valuable assets that increase property values and home sales, and help drive local economies.

There will be more use of bright metallic, energizing blues and shades of green, colors that mimic nature and in turn, evoke positive emotions. 

Designers will develop landscapes that incorporate elements like rocks, natural stonewalls, and water, along with plants that provide color, texture and enhance natural contours and provide a tranquil backyard retreat.

From plant-based clothes and jewelry to growing plants in soils good for the earth, more people will purchase products that go beyond sustainable and instead, boost and heal Mother Nature.

People are learning the importance of healthy soil and what goes into it. They are consciously selecting organic solutions and becoming better stewards of the earth.

Fountains and ponds will become smaller and the use of rain gardens, rainwater/graywater harvesting, and drip and water efficient irrigation will rise.

 Up-lighting, down-lighting and solar-powered lighting will allow people to extend their time outdoors when the sun goes down.

 Living green walls will add instant green beauty, freshen spaces, reduce stress, speed healing, lower blood pressure and bring peace of mind. Being “in nature” promotes healing and increases concentration.

Anything tiny is flying off the shelves. This includes miniature containers and plants, like mini cacti, succulents and lucky bamboo in two-inch pots. 


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