2012 municipal and school board election

2012 municipal and school board election
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Marion Taylor
- August 27, 2016
- 19 h 00

I am interested in following the Town Council elections.

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Dry July/August: Forest fires August 07, 2016

July and August have been very dry in Nova Scotia. There have been burning restrictions in place across the province and some forest fires as well.

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Digby firefighters were filling water bombers from New Brunswick on Friday, Aug. 5, to fight the forest fires in Greenland, Annapolis County.
Lake George property concerns May 05, 2016

In 2015 the Town of Yarmouth trucked in material to a site it owns in Lake George. It says it's intention was the truck in Class B compost to help reclaim the natural growth of the property that once housed a sawmill operation. The town bought the property to prevent sawmill activity continuing there.

But the material trucked in wasn't Class B compost. It was laden with plastics, sharps and debris, which has caused a lot of stress, anger and anxiety for local residents.

This is a collection of stories from coverage of the issue.

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Photo taken during a walkabout on the Lake George property on Feb. 23.