Highest unemployment rate in two decades

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Published on November 5, 2012
High Unemployment

Statistics Canada reported the unemployment rate for economic region 240 (Yarmouth, Digby, Shelburne, Queens and Lunenburg counties) was 13.5 per cent in October  up 5.1 percentage points from October 2011 and 0.4 percentage points from September 2012.

The unemployment rate reported for the month of October was the highest for the month in over two decades, similar to both August and September.

In addition, comparing October 2012 to October 2011 for economic region 240, the number of employed persons decreased by 3,300 and the number of unemployed persons increased by 2,900.

At the same time, the participation rate - the percentage of people working or looking for work compared to the population aged 15 and over - increased by 0.1 percentage point to 59.6 per cent.

By comparison, the unemployment rate in Nova Scotia for October 2012 was 9.2 per cent and for Canada was 7.4 per cent.