Lobster on a roll

Carla Allen callen@thevanguard.ca
Published on January 21, 2013

Cory Porter, the lobster guy, delivers live lobster out west and sells them from the back of his van.

The arrival of live lobster fresh from the ocean that washes the homeland shores of many who work in Fort McMurray caused a bit of a stir when the lobster guy rolled into town.

“The funny thing about it, I had people come up to me and they never asked what the price was. All they wanted to know was where they came from,” said Cory Porter.

He sold the cargo that he’d just spent two-and-a-half days driving to deliver for $10 a pound. A guy down the street was selling them for $17.

Porter has made four trips out west, loaded with live lobster, since last May.

He grew up a kilometer from his father’s fish plant (Rockville Carriers at Town Point) where he began working at the age of eight.

“I used to go lobster fishing every spring, one day, just to make sure I didn’t get foolish enough to do it for a living,” he said.

He had the idea for transporting the live lobster out west when he was 20 but says that three children, a mortgage and wife, made it impossible.  

“That’s all changed,” he said. He hopes to eventually add more vans and employ others in his business.

The freshly caught lobsters are packed in styrofoam boxes with ice packs.

Porter’s website has a calendar of his stops in southern Ontario in February. For more information call Porter direct at 902-749-6456 or email info@thelobsterguy.ca.