Founder of Yarmouth clothing business believes in ‘planet profit’

Published on March 20, 2017

Logan Jamieson, with examples of the products he sells through his company, Loresk Apparel.

YARMOUTH -- Logan Jamieson is a young entrepreneur with more on his mind than the bottom line.

The 22-year-old Yarmouthian runs Loresk Apparel – whose products include T-shirts, hoodies and caps – and he is using a portion of his sales to help address the global water crisis.

This spring he will learn if he gets to appear on the Dragons Den television show.

Jamieson, who is studying to be a teacher, was moved when he learned the magnitude of the world’s water problem – about one in 10 people are said to lack access to safe water – and so he is donating a portion of his company’s sales to help ensure that more people have access to clean water.

Jamieson says that for every product his company sells, 50 days of clean water is given to a child in need. That’s based on a portion of revenue going to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, which, in turn, sends water purification packets where they are required.

As of March 16, according to the Loresk website, 7,650 days of safe water had been provided to people in need.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, March 22 – World Water Day – Jamieson will be at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School selling his company’s items. A portion of those sales will benefit YCMHS sports.

The high school is perhaps a fitting place for Jamieson to be, not just because he’s an alumnus of YCMHS but also because he’s looking to have a career in education. (To that end, he is attending Université Sainte-Anne.)

Jamieson is an IT graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College, which he says is where he began thinking about business.

A year into his studies, Jamieson says he became a Christian, which further inspired him to want to help others. When he learned about the world’s serious water situation, he had a clearer picture of what he wanted to do.

“I knew I wanted to sell items and at the same time I wanted to make a change in the world,” he said. “With that, the idea of Loresk was born.” (The company’s items are produced in different locations, including Yarmouth.)

Jamieson recently was in Halifax to audition for the Dragons’ Den TV show, which gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their product or service to potential investors. Whether he will be chosen to appear on the program remains to be seen.

He uses the term “planet profit,” which he says is used a lot on the Dragons’ Den show, to describe one of the pillars of his own company.

“It’s basically just giving back to the environment and to people in society,” he said. Hence his focus on helping those who lack clean, safe water.

As for the long-term future of Loresk Apparel, Jamieson says he isn’t sure, but he says he’s already happy with what he’s accomplished.

“I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback,” he said. “We’ll have to see (what happens). Time will tell.”