New woodworking shop opens storefront in Digby

Published on August 17, 2017

Robert Warner stands with a welcome sign of his own design at his new store called the Wood Shop, located at 47 Water Street in Digby.

©Sara Ericsson

DIGBY, NS – A new woodworking shop has opened in the Town of Digby and its owner is eager to see how it builds.

Robert Warner is the owner of The Wood Shop, his new storefront at 47 Water Street in downtown Digby that opened August 10.

He began woodworking again a year and a half ago after a ten-year hiatus.

Warner then started designing and selling pieces out of his workshop and booths at events like Lobster Bash and Scallop Days, and was recently presented with the opportunity of opening a storefront.

“The booth drew a lot of interest at the events I went to, and this space was offered to me for August and September as a sort of trial run,” says Warner.

“I’m excited to see where it goes, and if things go well I’ll definitely be sticking around.”

A temporary version of his actual shop currently being printed at Digby Print and Promo.
Sara Ericsson

Warner creates woodworking pieces that have a homey and nostalgic feel. His shop also carries pieces from Prim Designs in Meteghan and Hilltop Designs in Aylesford.
He also accepts custom work orders, which made up the majority of his business before creating pieces for the store.
“I’ll still be accepting those from people even as I put time in at the store,” he says.
Store hours will be 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday to Sunday, with flexible hours Monday to Wednesday.

Warner’s new Facebook page for the shop is full of comments from people admiring his work and new store.

“The positive feedback has been really great to hear,” says Warner.

Even as someone who has worked as a carpenter and tinkered with woodworking his whole life, Warner doesn’t label himself as artistic.

“I definitely wouldn’t call myself an artist,” he says.

Some pieces are furniture-sized, and others are smaller, like these decorative beach pieces made from pieces of wood, shells and other materials Warner finds on beaches.

©Sara Ericsson

“I find inspiration online from websites like Pinterest and create my pieces from that.”

Even so, Warner has built quite a following, receiving visits from dozens of locals and people from away since opening his shop just one week ago.

“I’d like to stay open until at least Christmas. We’ll see what happens!” he says.

To visit the shop’s Facebook page, see the following link: