Family Genes focuses on Clow family

Carla Allen
Published on October 24, 2012

A collection of 30 paintings dedicated to the history of Clow family artists is on display at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives until Nov. 10.

Artist Ann Marie Clow says the exhibit features the artistic talents of family members dating from the 1920s to the present.

“It’s pretty incredible to have artists in the family back to my great-great-great grandmother,” she said.

She’s referring to Nora Taylor, born in 1882, who married George Nicholson.

Taylor took art lessons from a travelling art teacher and Splendid Mountains is one of her paintings.

Randolph, one of Taylor’s sons, learned art through correspondence lessons. His work was published in newspapers and on calendars. Clow has one of his paintings, entitled Nude Girl Diving.

Marie Charlene Goodine/Clow (Ann Marie’s mother) had a natural gift for drawing and she painted many landscapes while travelling in Europe with her husband, Bruce Clow, when he was posted there after the war as a member of the armed forces.

Ann Marie Clow has been painting for at least 30 years. Many of her works are featured in the exhibit along with her predecessors’ paintings.