Community cleanup on April 13

Carla Allen
Published on April 9, 2012
A group of Chebogue-area residents plan on repeating a community cleanup they undertook last year. They’re encouraging others to join them on April 13. Carla Allen photo

A huge community roadside cleanup will be held by Chebogue-area residents on Friday, April 13, from 5:30 p.m. to dusk.

Local groups will benefit from the event, under the Waste Check Community Litter Clean-up Program.

Organizers plan to clean the ditches and roadside on Chebogue Road from Arcadia to Sand Beach, including Chebogue Point Road, Wyman Road and Ellis Road. The total distance is approximately 16 kilometres of road, times two, as both sides need to be cleaned.

The Waste Check Community Litter Clean-up Program supports local groups who wish to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. The groups will be paid $175 per kilometre for cleaning both sides of the road.

Some of the organizations to benefit from this year’s cleanup include the Congregational Church of Chebogue Preservation Society, the United Baptist Church of Chebogue Heritage Society, the Chebogue Cemetery Company, Friends of Ellenwood Park, SHYFT, The Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Cancer Society and several more.

Last year area residents collected close to 150 bags of garbage, along with tires, wood beams and other unusual items.

There are two ways local residents can help out.

1. Join participants at one of the meeting points (flyers will be distributed in mailboxes, Monday, April 9, with details.)

2. Clean the litter out of the ditches in your immediate area, bag it and put it on the unpaved shoulder of the road for pick up Friday night.

“This is a community-based initiative that raises money for local organizations and makes Yarmouth a community you can be proud to live in,” said  Wendy Majestic, a member of the organizing committee.

“We hope that other neighbourhoods will take the challenge to get out there and clean up their roadsides.”

For more information, contact Stephen Sollows at 902-742-6252, Sundae Wiser at 902-742-4172 or Wendy Majestic at 902-881-2566.