Daughterly love promoting local artist

Carla Allen callen@thevanguard.ca
Published on July 4, 2012

The marketing of artist Bill Veinot’s work needed to be cranked up considerably, his daughters thought.

Veinot has a son (André) and two daughters (Ashley and Sascha). The girls collaborated on a website and contacted several media sources recently to promote their father’s work.

“I started the Etsy.com account for him so that he can finally start showcasing his art and so that others can see and maybe buy a piece or two. I have always felt that his art was too great to go unnoticed,” said Ashley.

Her father’s collection is pushing 75 canvases and he shows no sign of slowing down.

When he was five, Veinot was forced to stay in bed for a year with rheumatic fever. His father brought him paint-by-number sets to keep him entertained. When he ran out of those he began painting boards. During his school years, he continued his artwork until 1982. 

An expanding family and work commitments kept him from painting until 2003. He’s been at it ever since.

“It’s one of the best personal releases anyone could have,” he said.

He now works from his home, operating a salt fish brokerage business.

“I have a lot of free time and this is what I do with it,” he said.

A set of three paintings over his living room couch was created from a series of photos taken of a sunset from his back door.

His florals and nature scenes, and bold captures of fishing boats, jump from the walls in rich strokes.

“I like nature, pretty things. Sometimes I’ll see something and I’ll know I have to paint it. It’s a passion with me,” he said.

Veinot is open to exhibiting in other local galleries, but, for now, he appreciates his daughters’ ingenuity.

Click here ti visit his website.