Rockabillys have new CD

Carla Allen
Published on August 31, 2012

The Rockabillys have a new CD, called Better Places. Better Places will be officially launched this fall and is available for purchase through iTunes. Band members include Spencer Muise, Matt Wilkinson, Alex Surette and Cameron Nickerson.

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Since their formation to compete in (and win) a battle of the bands at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School in May 2011, four young musicians are quickly gathering accolades in the music industry.

The Rockabillys’ new CD is called Better Places and will be officially launched this fall. Meanwhile, the CD can be purchased through iTunes.

Band members are Alex Surette (drums), Cameron Nickerson (guitar, lead vocals), Matt Wilkinson (lead guitar, vocals) and Spencer Muise (stand-up bass, vocals).

At the time of their first recording, three of the four were in Grade 12. Two have since graduated.

The young musicians say the track Hicks from the Sticks, from the five-song EP they produced last year, best represents who they are: four guys who like the outdoors, driving their four-wheel-drive trucks and having a good time. They played that song for the CBC Radio competition Mainstreet’s School of Rock last year and won.

Better Places is the title track for their new CD. The lyrics describe an old man trying to talk a young man out of committing suicide.

“It’s dark times, amped up,” said Nickerson.

His grandfather directed him to a picture of a team of a dozen oxen pulling a house in Richfield for the cover of the CD,

Tim Feswick of Feswick Productions worked with The Rockabillys to produce Better Places.

The young musicians impressed him greatly.

"Every now and then, a band comes through our doors bringing a huge smile to my face. Groups such as the Crash Test Dummies, Sons of Maxwell and now the Rockabillys," he said.

He says he realized almost immediately that the young musicians possess a “magical chemistry” that is rarely found in today's music scene.

“Not only are they musically gifted and constantly honing their craft, they are also humble, nice to be around, and take directions well,” he said.

While in the mixing process of their latest CD, Feswick says he had the overwhelming feeling that the Rockabillys will be the next Sloan or Trews ... only in a unique Rockabilly style of their own.

 “There is no doubt in my mind that these guys are destined for greatness. I strongly recommend buying their CD, but whatever you do, make sure you catch a live performance...while you can still afford a ticket,” he said.

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