Catch 22 Comedy Crew launches March 24 at Haley’s Lounge in Yarmouth

Improv comedy group plans on performing throughout summer

Published on March 15, 2017

The Catch 22 Comedy Crew show opens March 24 at Haley’s Lounge (Rodd Grand Hotel).

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YARMOUTH - You’ll see some familiar faces on stage at the launch of the Catch 22 Comedy Crew show on March 24 at Haley’s Lounge (Rodd Grand Hotel).

The improv performers include regional actors and actresses that can clown around effortlessly, skewer with wit and tickle your funny bone again and again…. literally.

"The audience is going to see something they don’t see often in Yarmouth." Catch 22 Comedy Crew member Mike Gaudet.

Audience participation makes the evening even better, so if the uptake is a little slow, comedy crewmember Dan Sherman has plans to pump it up.

“If nobody answers, unfortunately, we’re going to come out into the audience and we may have to tickle you,” he said.

Organizer Jeremy Watkins, with close to 20 years experience as a director/producer, shepherds the rollicking crew. He says it will be a “well-rounded, high-energy” show.

“There’s some experience in the acting field, not just from the Yarmouth area. There are some that have taken improv workshops and are strong in the that field, including myself and Rob, Liza, Devan and Danny.

“We also have a couple of people that we’ve trained and musicians that we are integrating into the whole show.

“We have a musical DJ (Atkins) as well that will be doing sound bites through the night,” he said.

Catch 22 Comedy Crew members toss in their thoughts for opening night.

“The audience is going to see something they don’t see often in Yarmouth,” said Mike Gaudet.

“There’s going to be a little bit of foolishness going on,” said Liza Blooi.

“I wouldn’t want to call it variety, it’s more improv than anything else but there’s an intermix of a bunch of different things.  That’s why we call it Catch 22,” said David Doucette.

The plan is for monthly performances till June, when there may be two. Weekly performances will be held during July and August.

A bar and appetizer menu will be available and the show starts at 9 p.m.

Cover at the door is $10 or two for $15

The Catch 22 Comedy Crew

Jeremy Watkins

Devan Boudreau

Denise Alison

Liza Blooi

Melanie Smith

Wendy Siddall

Matt Granger

Jason Colville

Raymond Tabb

Elizabeth Wright

Stephanie Surette

Michael Gaudet

George Clairmont

David Doucette

Dan Sherman

Special guest Rob Allain

Music by Atkins