Student skills to be put to the test in various March 21 competitions in Yarmouth

Published on March 20, 2017

Among those taking part in skills competitions testing student knowledge this week are Nick Doucet (seated front, who is one of the organizers) and students Jeremy Porter (standing) and Brad Thompson.

©Tina Comeau

YARMOUTH, N.S. – For those taking part in a skills competitions happening in Yarmouth this week, it is hoped the biggest takeaway for everyone – both organizers and students – is increased knowledge.

“As organizers and as students, I hope we all learn more,” says Nick Doucet, who is part of the organizing team of the event. “The prime goal of the skills competition is learning more and for students, finding what you want to do as a career.”

The competitions will be happening Tuesday, March 21 at the Burridge Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. Some competitions involving students will take place in Aesthetics, Hairstyling and IT Network Systems Administration.

As organizers and as students, I hope we all learn more. The prime goal of the skills competition is learning more and for students, finding what you want to do as a career. Nick Doucet, one of the organizers

This all falls under the umbrella of the

Skilled Futures series presented by Skills Canada Nova Scotia (SCNS), taking place Tuesday, which is a collection of one-day career exploration events offering junior and senior high school students the chance to participate in interactive skilled trade and technology workshops.

According to a SCNS media release, the March 21 event in Yarmouth – Skilled Futures in Trades & Tech – will give over 70 Grade 8-10 students from Tri-Country Regional School Board, South Shore Regional School Board and Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial the opportunity to explore skilled trade and technology career options.

Students will participate in hands-on workshops, ranging from automotive service and repair and heavy equipment operator, to IT networking and robotics.

Doucet says the different skills competitions happening Tuesday are a great way to introduce students in Grades 8 to 10 to various career opportunities that are available through a variety of skilled trades and technologies.

Speaking about the IT Network Systems Administration competition that he’ll be helping to oversee with students, he says their knowledge and skills will be put to the test.

“There’s hardware involved, so tearing down a computer and building it back up again. Operating systems, like Windowsfor example, you need to know how to do certain things in Windows that someone who is not an IT administrator wouldn’t necessarily know how to do,” he says. “Even though these are students, they know the technology and they know how to use the technology and since it is a skill they are interested in, they’ll know how to complete those tasks.”