Spaces left for Sept. 14 -16 Turn up the Music workshop with Los Angeles performing group in Yarmouth

Public production will be held at completion of workshop to showcase talent.

Published on September 11, 2017

Good times with Turn up the Music, Young Americans. Registrations are underway for Sept. 14 -16 dance/music workshop with Los Angeles performing group.

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YARMOUTH - As the Sept. 14-16 "Turn up the Music" workshop nears, organizers say they would like to see the remaining 36 spaces filled.

As of Sept. 11, close to 70 youth had signed up for the outreach program at Beacon United Church, which is taught with the aim of building confidence and teamwork through music, dance and acting programs.

We so look forward to sharing their considerable talents with more children.

Linda Coakley, a member of the committee responsible for arranging the Young Americans "Turn up the Music" three-day workshop in Yarmouth.

Members of the Young Americans (YA) will be teaching the workshop. YA is a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world through music, dance, performance, academic education and cultural interaction.

There are about 44 members, ages 18-25, in each touring group. Two YA’s are assigned to each group of five-to-seven children, providing almost a personalized learning experience to youngsters.

A  Saturday night performance will be presented at the conclusion of the workshop.

Linda Coakley is a member of the local committee that arranged the group's visit.

"They were most excited to be invited to Yarmouth.," she said.

"My team of David and Stephen Sollows, Sandy Fevens and Alison Nuttall of London, Ontario have been working for nearly a year to put this special event in place and we have secured host families for these professional performers from Los Angeles. We so look forward to sharing their considerable talents with more children."

To sign up

The cost is $65. Sign ups are at Th'YARC on Parade Street or directly online from Th'YARC website.
Inquiries for scholarships are available at Th'YARC. 902-742-8150