Improvements well received at Chebogue River Aquatic Club

Membership deserves credit, says president of Yarmouth County boat club

Published on September 4, 2017

Randy Cook, president of the Chebogue River Aquatic Club, says there is a waiting list for berthing spots at the club.

©Eric Bourque

YARMOUTH -- A boat club in Yarmouth County that was founded almost a half-century ago has undergone quite a bit of work in recent years that has made a good impression on a lot of people.

Randy Cook, president of the Chebogue River Aquatic Club, says members of the public have been impressed with what the club has done.

New signage is among the recent improvements for the Chebogue River Aquatic Club.
Eric Bourque

“Mainly the grounds, I think, is what people see,” he said. “People see me on the street sometimes and say ‘wow, look what’s going on down to the club, it’s just beautiful.’”

Randy Cook, president of the Chebogue River Aquatic Club, checks out a list of sponsors outside the clubhouse.
Eric Bourque

Among other things, the club purchased a half-dozen picnic tables and a couple of coffee benches and added some new signage.

“Down to the waterfront, one of our priorities was to get a bit of a safety net there with fencing and stuff around the end of our pier,” Cook said. “We’ve replaced many of our floating docks.”

The clubhouse has undergone changes too – inside and out – including the replacement of a deck on the east side of the structure. Work to the facility has included some re-siding.

“I have to thank the membership for all the hard work,” Cook said. “There are so many, I wouldn’t dare mention one ... Much has been done in-kind and we’ve had a lot of community support.”

Cook describes the club as a “work in progress.”

Members volunteer their time to care for the clubhouse and surrounding property.

The club, which was established in 1971, is probably approaching 90 members, said Cook, noting that this includes about 35 to 40 boaters, along with associate members who may no longer be boating but who like the social aspect of the club.

The club welcomes new members, Cook said, adding that the club would like, in particular, to see younger generations.

While the club owns its building, the property is leased through the province, Cook saying it has been a good arrangement.

And although the club has been around 46 years, Cook said it seems to have remained a “bit of a secret,” given that people will sometimes visit and be pleasantly surprised by what they find.

More than just a place for sailing enthusiasts, Cook says the club is for the community too. Members of the public are invited to stop by and enjoy the scenery.

“Some people just come and sit,” Cook said. “They sit on our benches and enjoy the view, bring a lunch.”