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Turn up the Music info session on May 10 at Th’YARC in Yarmouth

Good times with Turn up the Music, Young Americans.
Good times with Turn up the Music, Young Americans.

YARMOUTH - Theatre arts instructor Linda Coakley is bubbling over with excitement for the visit of two members from a Los Angeles international performing group that provides inspirational workshops for youth.  

On Wednesday, May 10, (6:30-8 p.m.) Grace and Ira Kramer from Bangor, Maine, will hold an information session with videos at Th’YARC on Parade Street, in Yarmouth, about Turn up the Music – a two-and-a-half-day workshop planned for Sept. 14-16.

Good times with Turn up the Music, Young Americans.

Coakley hopes many youth will sign up for the touring group’s fall workshop. There will be a small cost to register.

“These instructors work for free, they donate their time and you can see their energy. They travel every place imaginable to spread the word about great music,” she said.

Good times with Turn up the Music, Young Americans.

The Kramers are members of the Young Americans (YA), which was founded in 1962. YA is a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of understanding and goodwill among people throughout the world through music, dance, performance, academic education and cultural interaction.

There are about 44 members, ages 18-25, in each touring group. The instructors will require billeting and Coakley is hoping the families of the children participating in the workshop will host them.

Two YA’s are assigned to each group of five-to-seven children, providing almost a personalized learning experience to youngsters.

Good times with Turn up the Music, Young Americans.

At the end of the workshop, a public production will be held to showcase the talent.

BIOS of instructors

Grace Livingston Kramer

Young Americans instructor Grace Livingston Kramer.

Originally from Veazie, Maine, Grace joined the Young Americans after finishing high school in the fall of 2004. As a member of the Young Americans, she toured 12 times. Some of her favorites were East Coast Tour, UK Tour, Japan Tour, and Germany/Europe Tour. Grace performed multiple times in The Magic of Christmas and the Tarbell Realtors Award Show. She also loved being a member of resident cast multiple years and working with “at risk” youth in the greater LA area.

Other credits: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ‘10, One Night Only ‘10, Summer Concert Series in Northern Michigan ‘10, and the first YA Summer Camp ‘10. After working as an administrative assistant in the YA’s College of Performing Arts office for the ‘10-’11 academic year, Grace joined the original cast of YA Dinner Theatre-Europe and did one last tour with a group of 12 to Northern Japan to work with communities that had been affected by the March 2011 Tsunami.

Ira Kramer

Young Americans instructor Ira Kramer.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Ira joined the Young Americans as a “New Kid” in the fall of 2008. As a member of the YA’s Ira toured Europe twice, working with students in Germany, the Netherlands, Gibraltar and Russia. His other tours included travelling throughout the Midwest of the U.S. and Japan, where he was part of the first Advanced Team Tour. With 11 other cast members, Ira worked with communities in Northern Japan that were affected by the March 2011 Tsunami. Other YA credits: The Magic of Christmas ‘08, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade ‘10, the annual Summer Concert Series in Northern Michigan ‘10, YA Summer Camp cast ’10. He was a member of the original YA Dinner Theatre-Europe cast ‘11 and performed in multiple Tarbell Realtors Award Shows. Ira also loved being part of the YA resident cast where he worked with “at risk” youth in the greater LA area.

Young Americans background

In 1965 The Young Americans perform with well-known artists Johnny Mathis, Julie Andrews, James McCraken, Dorothy Kirsten, Vic Damone, George Burns, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Henry Mancini, and Dean Martin; appear on Bing Crosby TV Special, Johnny Carson Show and Ed Sullivan Show.

1968 • The Young Americans film wins an Academy Award

Between the college, foundation, and the Young Americans, there are 50+ creative, passionate and dedicated staff working to continue the organization’s mission throughout the world. The group helps to serve students of ages 5+, parents, educators, administrators, schools, organizations and governments. Annually, over 400 shows and 12 international music outreach tours across four continents are conducted.

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