Ghost tour attracts droves

Carla Allen
Published on July 20, 2011

From the get go, tour guide Ken Langille held the attention of the massive crowd gathered in Frost Park for a ghost tour on the evening of July 19.

“All of you are standing on buried bodies,” he said.

Langille proceeded to share several stories from a rich inventory of local tales that included buried treasure, shipwrecks, demons and friendly spirits.

He described the experience of a woman who discovered a man in period costume in her photo that she didn’t remember being there when she snapped the picture.

From the 1760s onward, Frost Park was used as a public burying ground. In 1861 Yarmouth Mountain Cemetery was laid out as a replacement.

Some of the bodies were moved to the new plot, but others remained in the park, where some of their headstones still exist.

Langille then led the group from Frost Park to Killam’s Wharf, Alma Square, and the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives. The tour wrapped up at the town hall.

The large turnout, which numbered in the hundreds, threw him.

“I’m absolutely shocked. I said to others that we might get 100,” he said.

 He says he used the same route as last year because it’s easy to move people that way.

“It’s a lot of fun,” he said.

Click on VIDEO link above for a glimpse of the tour.