Surfers catch waves in Rockville

Carla Allen
Published on November 1, 2012

Surfers were carving up waves just outside Yarmouth earlier this week, riding surf spawned by post-tropical storm Sandy.

Close to a dozen enthusiasts from Halifax and other areas of the province made the trip to Rockville.

Dorian Steele from Vogler’s Cove says the surfers came because of the conditions.

“With this swell direction and wind direction it’s much better surfing down here than it is in Queens or Lunenburg counties.”

A shoreline embedded with craggy rocks didn’t overly concern the surfers.

We’re all good surfers and we surf together a lot, or surf year round… whether it’s up near the city or on the south shore.

“We know where to go and where not to go,” he said,

Another surfer, a resident of Halifax, said several in the group have spent years searching the province for the best surfing areas.

“This is one spot that we keep an eye on regularly,” he said.

This time of year surfers wear five-millimetre wetsuits, gloves and boots for comfort.

With wetsuits, hardier individuals can stay in the water five to six hours.

The waves were five to eight feet high approaching shore.