Hope for Mojo

Carla Allen callen@thevanguard.ca
Published on February 1, 2013

There’s been an “amazing” response to pleas for help for a three-month-old Pit Bull American Staffordshire mix suffering from mange.

Joey Wagner and the Baie Sainte Marie Animal Society have been working on behalf of Mojo, who was rescued in Clare and is now at the Parade Street Animal Hospital in Yarmouth.

“He’s got a long road ahead of him, but he’s doing better every day,” said Wagner.

Non-contagious demodectic mange is caused by a tiny mite that normally resides in most dogs. In animals with underdeveloped or impaired immune systems they can multiply to cause widespread inflammation, hair loss and in some cases develop into a life-threatening condition.

Besides the mange Mojo is suffering from malnutrition, severe dehydration and on Friday was on an IV drip for pain.

Wagner says he’s received many offers to adopt Mojo.

“We will make sure he will have a good life and will never suffer again,” he told the Vanguard.

Donations are being accepted towards veterinary costs by the Parade Street Animal Hospital (in person or by credit card by phone at 902-742-3108.) Also at any local credit union (specifying "Hope For Mojo" account -

Transit #22293, Institution #839,

Account #73831-115).

The Clare Animal Hospital (902-769-3809) is also accepting donations, as is the Pet Valu  store (130 Starrs Rd., in Yarmouth – 902-742-9223).

Click here for Mojo's Facebook page.