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Stunting fast becoming problem in Digby: mayor

SUV speeding on a narrow curve road
SUV speeding on a narrow curve road

DIGBY, NS – Stunting incidents are speeding up and being increasingly reported within the Town of Digby, according to mayor Ben Cleveland.

While an increase in stunting incidents is common in the spring, Cleveland says they normally decrease after a few weeks of warm weather.

But this year seems to be heading in a different direction.

“We’ve been receiving lots of complaints from people about it and people are concerned,” he said.

“Complaints have been coming in of people drag racing and burning tires.”

Cleveland said the town has asked Digby’s RCMP detachment to step up enforcement, including radar and car patrols, to help prevent more incidents.

Const. Colin Helm, media relations officer with the detachment, said while it may appear more cars are patrolling Digby, that’s not exactly the case.

“We have not increased our patrols, however we have been more strategic in where we set up looking for aggressive driving,” said Helm.

“We have analyzed the complaints of speeding at the Digby detachment and picked these areas accordingly.”

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, the media relations officer for Nova Scotia RCMP, said people should think seriously before stunting since it carries a hefty fine.

“Anyone charged with stunting can receive a fine of $2,422.50, can have their license suspended for seven days, have their vehicle seized and six points added to their license,” she said.

Cleveland feels at a loss for why this is happening more this year than others.

“You just sort of ask yourself, ‘why would someone do that?’ Tires are expensive, too,” he said.

Cleveland added that more RCMP cars have been seen on highways, but that it’s highway patrol, an entirely different detachment.

“We haven’t asked them to ramp it up, but it looks like they’ve done it anyway and are working alongside our officers,” he said.

Helm emphasized that these complaints are all taken seriously and encourages anyone with one to contact the Digby detachment at 902-245-2579.

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