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Halifax man charged with stealing from vehicles

car window
car window

Halifax, NW - Following a brief chase on foot, Halifax Police charged a man with breaking into, and stealing items from, several vehicles.

On April 20, Halifax Regional Police were contacted about a shoplifting incident at an NSLC on Chain Lake Drive. They were able to identify the suspect by viewing video and located him the next day, driving in the Clayton Park area. The man stopped and took off on foot but was quickly captured.

During an interview he admitted to six thefts from vehicles since January 25 in the Clayton Park area. In five of these incidents, windows were smashed and items such as a briefcase, backpack, musical instrument, wallet and phone were taken. Police also discovered the suspect was driving a motor vehicle while prohibited.

Twenty-nine-year-old Justin Michael Chipman, of Halifax, was held in custody over the weekend before appearing in court to face seven counts of theft under $5,000, seven counts of possession of stolen property under $5,000, five counts of property damage, one count of possessing a break-in instrument and one count of driving while prohibited.

Police remind people that items left in sight are a temptation for would-be thieves. If it’s necessary to leave items in a vehicle they should be locked in the trunk before arriving at your destination.

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