2013 introductions from David Austin

Carla Allen callen@thevanguard.ca
Published on January 15, 2013

Fighting Temeraire is one of six introductions from David Austin English Roses this year.

We’re fortunate to live in this part of Nova Scotia because of the warmer growing zones. Those in other parts of the province may not have as much success growing David Austin roses successfully.

The company is introducing six new roses for 2013, each of which is described irresistibly… but then I’ve been a sucker for roses all my life.

I’m sure many others are going to want to delve deeper into petals that deliver elements of citrus, warm spice and strong myrrh. All are described as robust, season-long, tough-as-nails,  repeat bloomers.

First up is Wollerton Old Hall, a beautiful chalice-shaped, creamy-apricot colored rose considered to be one of the most fragrant English Roses of all time with a delicious strong myrrh scent and citrus elements.

Lady Salisbury is a plump, multi-petalled pure pink rose with great Old Rose charm.

Fighting Temeraire is an abundantly-blooming, rich apricot rose with an award-winning fruity fragrance that has notes of lemon zest.

England’s Rose is a particularly tough and reliable variety with glowing pink flowers and a strong Old Rose fragrance with a warm spicy character.

Queen Anne has pure rose-pink flowers, few thorns and an appealing full-bodied Old Rose fragrance.

The Lady’s Blush is a lightly-scented, semi-double, soft pink rose with lovely open flowers exhibiting unusual grace and freshness.

David Austin’s English roses are known for combining the romantic flower forms and perfume of Old Roses with the broad color range and repeat-flowering of modern roses. 

English Roses are suited to growing in full sun or partial shade provided the site is not overhung by tree canopies.

Spencer’s Garden Centre in Shelburne will be carrying several of the new varieties in addition to other David Austin roses.

These roses are also available through mail order by visiting the website or by calling 800-328-8893, or by writing to David Austin Roses Limited, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, Texas 75704.

The United States and Canadian mail-order collection features more than 200 bare root roses, including 127 Austin-bred English Roses.

They’re not cheap however. Plan on paying $25 - $30 per bush, plus shipping costs.

Also available, free upon request, is David Austin’s award-winning catalog, the Handbook of Roses, a must-have for rose lovers, with 120 pages of color illustrations.