VANGUARD EDITORIAL: A message of hope

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Well, was that a week or was it a week!
The Nova Star ferry entered Yarmouth harbour and received a rock star’s welcome.

Nova Star arriving in Yarmouth on Tuesday morning. FRED A. HATFIELD PHOTO



Soon as it became visible the hundreds assembled on the waterfront erupted into a cheer.

In a town with more than its share of knocks the reception the Nova Star received last Tuesday was perfectly understandable.

This was not a ho-hum moment.

It was a sign that all is not gloom and doom, a message of hope that we should hang onto and build upon.

It’s easy to be negative. Some people expect the worst and probably hope for it. Let those naysayers live for the day they can say “told you so.” And let’s work to make sure that day doesn’t come. Or if it does – life affords no guarantees, after all – let’s make sure it’s not because of a lack of effort on our part.

The leaders in our community are quick to say we should all see this ferry’s arrival as a start. It’s not the solution to all our woes —and we have plenty of those. But it is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise hurting community.

As people like the mayor keep telling us, we need to work at making sure we’re ready for however many visitors the new ferry brings to our shores.

Make sure the stores and restaurants are open to serve the travelling public.

Make sure each and every one of us acts as an ambassador for this community, for this province … heck, for this country.

Work hard at cleaning things up. Do something positive to bring about a positive change.

One thing’s for certain: we cannot afford to be complacent.

Just as an incredible group of people worked hard to see the Nova Star sail into Yarmouth harbour, we need to harness that energy, that ability to get things done, to ignore the negativity and make things better.

Talk to anyone who worked to get the Nova Star here and none will say it was easy.

Most of the things needed to pull this community back up will not be easy. But the Nova Star sitting at dockside last week should serve as a perfect example of what can be done if we get the right people behind a dream and let them go to work.

And if you encounter any naysayers who keep refusing to believe anything good or positive can happen around here, just say: Remember the Nova Star!


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