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Eat Together Day in Yarmouth and Digby on June 22

Yarmouth Atlantic Superstore.
Yarmouth Atlantic Superstore. - Tina Comeau

YARMOUTH & DIGBY, N.S. – Atlantic Superstore locations in Yarmouth and Digby will join President’s Choice In celebrating the second annual Eat Together Day on Friday, June 22.

Last year, President’s Choice embarked on a mission to bring Canadians back to the table to #Eat Together, highlighting community building by making connections over food with friends, family, neighbours and even strangers.

The public is invited to join store colleagues and community members for a free public barbecue from 2-6 p.m. on June 22 at Atlantic Superstore locations in Yarmouth and Digby. Voluntary donations collected at both events will go to President’s Choice Children’s Charity (PCCC) in support of local childhood nutrition programs in the Tri-County area. PCCC provides ongoing nutrition grants to Digby Elementary School, Weymouth Consolidated School, St. Mary’s Bay Academy, Meadowfields Community School, Evelyn Richardson Memorial School, Hillcrest Academy, Lockeport Elementary School and the Boys and Girls Club of Yarmouth.

The general benefits of eating together are vast, including eating more nutritious meals, helping our children to form healthy eating habits, supporting early childhood development and building stronger interpersonal relationships.

Says Stephanie Gagnon, in-store registered dietitian at the Yarmouth Superstore, “When we sit together at the table, we relax. We are able to share stories, build relationships, learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs, create bonds and enhance our well-being in so many ways.”

Yet despite the many benefits of this simple act, recent research has found that the vast majority of Canadians still eat alone most of the time. This is not a natural human behaviour but rather, a learned one that seems to become more prevalent once we enter the workforce. According to a recent survey by President’s Choice, almost half (42 per cent) of working Atlantic Canadians eat lunch alone every day at work. Interestingly, this behaviour continues even though we recognize the benefits that arise from eating with colleagues at work, including improved communication (70%) and stronger working relationships with co-workers (64%).

Another study by Dalhousie University notes that two-thirds of Canadians eat breakfast alone, most of the time – and that jumps to almost 9 out of 10 Millennials (86%). And, almost 50% of workers in the Atlantic region eat their lunch at their desk, more than any other region in Canada.

The goal of Eat Together Day is to start to reverse these trends.

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