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Improvements on the way for Fish Point memorial site

Interpretive panels to be installed and flooding issues to be addressed


The Fish Point memorial site on the small peninsula just before Yarmouth Bar has caught attention mostly in the past for the dramatic flooding surrounding it, but work is underway to change that.

On April 30, Mike Cunningham delivered an information session at the Yarmouth County Museum about a three-phase project that will see exciting improvements to the site.

The property is one of three that the museum owns, in addition to the poor farm cemetery near the airport and a Second World War radar station base in Tusket.

Museum director/curator Nadine Gates says the erosion and flooding at Fish Point has long been a concern, as well as the lack of information about the historical significance of the area.

“Although it’s been there for years, a lot of people drive by it, or they’ll stop and look and see Bug Light and think they’ve seen the Cape Forchu Lightstation.”

Gates says the three-phase project will hopefully see five interpretive panels installed this year.

In phase two, the parking area will be elevated with fill and gravel and armour stone will be placed around the edges to cut back on erosion and flooding.

For the third phase the museum will be pursuing historical site designation for Fish Point and exploring different options to have the road from Fish Point to the Cape Forchu lighthouse declared an historical route.

Cunningham, the Yarmouth County Historical Society’s historic sites committee chairperson, says funding is being sought through a Strategic Development Initiative grant to assist with funding the cost of the panels.

Fundraising will be an important part of the project, but he says he has faith in a fellow society member to head up the efforts.

“From a fundraising perspective, nobody beats Gert Sweeney,” he said. 

Several hundred thousand dollars will be required to complete all three phases.

“We’re going to take it one step at a time,” said Cunningham.

He believes the stories behind Yarmouth Bar and Fish Point deserve more attention.

“I think it’s an area that’s underdeveloped (with regard to sharing history).

“We have the pictures in the archives and a few writeups, but it’s a part of Yarmouth’s history that could be highlighted.”

As the project progresses, part of the museum’s website will be devoted to the topic. The committee is still looking for people that may have information or pictures of Yarmouth Bar. Please contact by phone (902-742-5539) or email.

Open house

An open house at the Fish Point memorial has been tentatively scheduled for June 22 or 23. Contact the Yarmouth County Museum in June for the specific date.

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