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Get Jacked! Nova Scotia Lumberjack Championships happening in Barrington July 6-7

The Nova Scotia Lumberjack Championships are happening July 6-7 in Barrington, NS, at the Wild Axe Park.
The Nova Scotia Lumberjack Championships are happening July 6-7 in Barrington, NS, at the Wild Axe Park. - Contributed

Nova Scotia’s Lumberjack Championship is returning to Barrington this year, taking place at Wild Axe Park on July 6 and 7.

For the last three years, professional lumberjacks from across the Maritimes, Quebec, and the northeastern U.S. have competed for honours and prize money at the annual competition.

While the event is new for many, it’s actually rooted in a traditional celebration that is more than a century old, says Darren Hudson, one of the event organizers.

“Every spring, after the work was over, the log drivers would come out of the woods and have a big celebration,” he says. “It was a community picnic where they would show off their skills in friendly competitions.”

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The North Nova Lumberjack Society revived the tradition in 2016, aiming to promote the skills and heritage to new audiences.

It immediately attracted professional competitors from across the Maritimes, as well as large numbers of spectators.

Today’s Lumberjack Championships feature the same chopping, log rolling, and axe throwing as in the old days. Other skills have also been added, such as springboard chop, underhand chop, and standing block chop, as well as a number of sawing events, such as hot saw and single bucking.

In addition to the professional competitions, there will be workshops and demonstrations for people who want to pick up the sport.

“It’s a great chance to try being a lumberjack for a day,” he said. “It’s a fun, relaxing, social sport.”

This is the second year the event will be hosted in Barrington at Wild Axe Park.

Last year, the event attracted a crowd of more than 1,000 people and Hudson expects this year will be even bigger and better.

Hudson added that the communities of Argyle, Barrington, Yarmouth and Shelburne joined forces to win the bid to bring the competition to Barrington. At least 50 competitors participated in front of big crowds last year.

Hudson added this venue is located near a lake, with lots of shade for spectators, and near some of Barrington’s historic sites and its interpretive centre, so there’s lots to see and do in the area, making it a great trip for the family.

The Wild Axe Park is located at 5 Petticoat Lane. 

Nova Scotia Lumberjack Championships.
Nova Scotia Lumberjack Championships.


The mission of the Maritime Lumberjack Association (MLA) is to preserve the tradition and skills of yesterday’s lumberjacks through modern competition; giving our athletes the opportunity to amass points towards annual year-end awards, and providing the spectators with quality entertainment. Our competitions will be fast paced, and fairly run with good announcing, judging, and competition at various levels – amateur, professional and masters.

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