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Yarmouth Dog Park has temporary home

Supervised dogs are welcome to enjoy the temporary dog park located at the former Arcadia school, now owned by Th’YARC.
Supervised dogs are welcome to enjoy the temporary dog park located at the former Arcadia school, now owned by Th’YARC. - Carla Allen

Temporary dog park to be open from dawn-to-dusk and is use-at-your-own-risk

ARCADIA - Th’YARC has come to the rescue of a committee that’s been fundraising for three years to fence a property in for a dog park.

On Aug. 30, YARC president Mitch Bonnar announced that the Yarmouth Dog Park will be located temporarily in the playground at the former Arcadia school.

Although the Town of Yarmouth is willing to help out with providing a location for the dog park, the task of raising funds for fencing and other rudimentary elements fell on the shoulders of committee members. The group has only raised $15,000 towards its $60,000 goal.

Committee chair Martha Cassidy was exuberant at the news of the temporary site.

“It’s a godsend. It has fencing, it has water and it has an interesting surface for the dogs,” she said.

“It makes me feel so good to know we have a place. Now people can see what a dog park is; they can see that it’s not noisy and it gives us time to look for a more permanent space.”

Although the dog park is usable now, some minor work is required to securely fence in all sizes of dogs.

Smaller ones could possibly escape beneath the fence perimeter on the east side. The committee will also be adding a garbage pail and they stress that all users must pick up after their dogs.

Owners use the unsupervised dog park at their own risk and access is available from dawn to dusk.

More dog park committee members are always welcome.

The committee’s next meeting is on Sept. 11 at 6 p.m. Herbert Street, Unit 3 in Yarmouth.


Those wishing to donate to the Yarmouth Dog Park can do so online through the Town of Yarmouth’s Community asset program by designating Yarmouth Dog Park.

The Yarmouth Dog Park Association Facebook Page 

Email the Yarmouth Dog Park

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