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Youth shine at 4-H Achievement Day in Yarmouth County


4-H Achievement Day was held in Yarmouth County on July 13.

Achievement Day in 4-H means the end of the 4-H year and it is the time the members get to show off the projects they have been working all year to complete. 

In Yarmouth, 4-H combines its Achievement Day with its selections of who will represent Yarmouth at Provincial Shows (which is often done at exhibitions in many of the counties around the province).

The morning's activities happened at Churchill Brother’s farm and across the road, while the evening activities took place at Mariners Center.

This year, a plaque in memory of Wendy Skaarland was presented to her family in recognition of her involvement in 4-H and continued support of their Achievement Day by allowing the use of her land each year for the competitions to take place.

The evening ended with ticket sales and a live auction where Steve Berry and Kevin Gobien, along with 4-H leaders and members, had pies that were auctioned off pushed in their faces.

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