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Beloved Yarmouth horse back in place

Town matched $13,000 in provincial funding for repairs to Milton horse and two other fountains

YARMOUTH - Understandably, all those involved with placing one of Yarmouth’s most famous icons safely back on its pedestal on Oct. 22, breathed a sigh of relief.

The Milton horse that tops a fountain that dates back to 1893 on the corner of Main and Vancouver streets, was sent to the Lunenburg Foundry this summer for badly needed repairs, including many cracks in its legs.


The horse has served as a reference point for directions, has been spray painted, defaced and is an annual reminder that

another class of nurses have graduated after they festoon the statue with surgical masks and other medical-related decorations.

All-Out Property Services was hired to help reinstall the horse on top of the fountain. Spokesperson Stan Churchill says they used all new bolts, rubber gaskets and placed a rubber seal under the base plate before installing the statue.

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“We also put a bead of weatherproof black caulking around the whole top of the seam. If it ever has to come off again it will be a lot easier,” he said.

The Town of Yarmouth received $13,000 in funding through a provincial grant that it matched to carry out work to three historic fountains – the Milton horse fountain in the north end, the Lewis Fountain in the south end and the fountain in Frost Park. The town matched those funds.


Now that the horse is back people are asked to resist the urge to climb on top of it.

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