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Crash Test Dummies drummer Mitch Dorge and Yarmouth Rotary Club team up for youth presentations

Mitch Dorge interacting with some young people at one of his presentations.
Mitch Dorge interacting with some young people at one of his presentations.

The Rotary Club of Yarmouth has made youth and youth mental health its special focus and has an event involving young people this week that the club is especially excited about.

The Rotary Club has done several projects with Maple Grove Education Centre and is also partnering with the Yarmouth and Drumlin Heights high schools for presentations with Mitch Dorge.

Dorge is a Juno award-winner, a Grammy-nominee and drummer with the Crash Test Dummies. He has travelled the world and is passionate about empowering today’s youth. As a spokesperson for TADD (Teens Against Drinking and Driving) and the spokesperson for D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), he has developed a unique, thought-provoking presentation that takes an honest, intense look at responsible choices.

This is Dorge’s first time bringing his message to Nova Scotia and Yarmouth is the first stop on his tour. He will be addressing the Yarmouth and Drumlin high schools at the Mariners Centre on Oct. 19 and Maple Grove students at their school on Oct. 20. 

Dorge’s interactive approach encourages teens to set goals for themselves and to make the choices that will help them be successful in the future. He doesn’t shy away from discussing real life topics such as marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth, driving under the influence, peer pressure, risky behavior and bullying. His target audience is 13-18 years, which is the same age group the Yarmouth Rotary Club is aiming to reach out to.

“The Rotary Club of Yarmouth has made its special focus for the past year and year ahead youth and youth mental health,” says Rotary Club president Kerry Muise. “We believe this to be of vital importance to the well being of our community as a whole.”

The Rotary Club has sponsored the Silver Y’s at Yarmouth high school for years and offers scholarships to the three Yarmouth County high schools, but the club says it feels it needs to do more. It says working “hands on” with youth keeps the club and its members in touch with the needs of youth and the needs of the community.  The club is also proud to say it now has a group of over 30 young Rotarians or “Interactors” who continually come together to do good work in their school, our community and abroad.

“The youth of this area have so much to offer and the Rotary Club wants to enable them to reach their full potential in many areas,” says Muise.

The club gives also thanks to Rotarian Scott Lutz and the co-operators insurance company for making this event possible.

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