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Happy surprise for Atlantic Superstore shoppers in Yarmouth

Market Moments event saw those in checkout line receive free groceries

YARMOUTH -  Shoppers in Yarmouth Atlantic Superstore lineups at 1 p.m. on Wednesday received an unexpected surprise.

Store manager Ritchie Babin climbed up on a checkout and announced to shoppers that those lined up ready to pay for their groceries would receive them for free (up to $250 worth).

Loblaw has over 2,000 stores across Canada and the company randomly chooses stores for a celebration they call Market Moments.

Beth and Leonard Telfer were two of the lucky shoppers

 “We’re very happy. We had quite a few things,” said Beth.

Babin was pleased with the response.

“We’ve done it across various locations in the Atlantic provinces. This is the first time we’ve done it in this store and we’re really excited. We can tell it went over well,” he said.

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