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New organization launched for the arts in South West Nova

Dec. 2 meeting draws two-dozen artists from wide range of specialties

YARMOUTH -  A new organization to represent, organize and promote artists in the region is off to a vibrant start.

Close to two-dozen artists, representing everything from dance, painting, tactile arts, music, photography, architecture, sculpture and more, met on Dec. 2 at the Holy Trinity Church hall for a round-table discussion.

Andre Haines, the event’s facilitator, says it was a good beginning.

“It was wonderful to have so many of the players there,” he said.

Establishing the purpose of the group and its needs were the first points discussed.


Ivan Blades and Sandra Phinney listen intently.
Ivan Blades and Sandra Phinney listen intently.


The new group, tentatively called Anchor for the Arts, will act as an umbrella organization.


Its goals will be to nurture, foster and promote the arts. A festival for next year was also tentatively discussed.

“We’ve not had that here,” said Haines. “We’ve had different groups doing different festivals, but we’ve never had a concerted effort.”

Engaging youth in more art projects is also a goal of the new organization.

Haines says the new group will also be exploring a partnership with Holy Trinity Church: Parish of Yarmouth & Tusket.

“Holy Trinity is being very receptive and responsive to the needs of the arts community,” he said.

Rev. Helen Chandler says the church certainly hopes to provide space for arts community activities.

“We are also discussing with Andre the possibility of performances of appropriate works in the church,” she wrote in a letter read at the Dec. 2 meeting.

“When we bring people into sacred space to hear music, to enjoy creative theatre, we are bringing people into a space and an experience that may allow them to experience God in their own unique way.

The partnership certainly does offer a “wonderful and creative use for the property. It is very exciting,” said Rev. Chandler.


Mitch Bonnar, president of Th'YARC Playhouse and Arts Centre, attended the Dec. 2 gathering.
Mitch Bonnar, president of Th'YARC Playhouse and Arts Centre.


Mitch Bonnar, president of Th'YARC Playhouse and Arts Centre, attended the Dec. 2 gathering.


“It’s nice to see that people want to get together and try to get something done,” he said.

He said he has been invited to be on the steering committee and is considering it.

The next meeting for Anchor for the Arts is a steering committee meeting, open to all, on Jan. 13 at 2 p.m. at Waves of Confetti (342 Main St., Yarmouth).

The steering committee meeting’s report will be on Jan. 20, (location to be determined).


Anchor for the Art’s thoughts on a festival

An arts festival in Yarmouth might include performances, exhibitions, educational programs, displays and events in:

1 Theatre/performance art

2 Music

3 Visual artsy

4 Indigenous Arts

5 Tactile arts fiber arts

6 Glass arts

7 Dance

8 Sculpture

9 Craft arts

10 Architecture

11 Historical work

12 Writing and reading

13 Mentors corner

14 Nautical Arts

15 Household arts

16 Industrial arts and factory tours

17 Technical arts

18 Stain glass window tour

19 Landscape and property arts

20 Hair design/ make up

21 Costumes/clothing

22 Open studio tours

23 Developing artists corner

24 Super arts dance party

25 New ingenuity and developing arts

26 Multicultural arts

27 Philosophers corner

28 The Great Arts Bazaar

29 Singing/talent showcase

30 A parade

31 Flash mob

32 Image projection night / nocturne

33 Arts Nova Scotia grant information centre for professional artists and art groups

34 Hospitality arts

35 Crash Courses in?  Reading music, water colour, cell phone pictures...

36 Installation arts

37 Mural arts

38 Information booth about other arts/ centres/ festivals/performing venues in Atlantic Canada

39 Arts for seniors

40 Art history/ lecture series

41 Healing arts

42 Canoe arts

43 Literary walks


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