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O2 class tackles Regent Street and Cleveland Road litter

2,090 pounds removed from roadside

YARMOUTH - Some of the more unpleasant items removed by 16 students from the roadside of Regent Street and the Cleveland Road on May 31 included used diapers, a tossed TV set and large plastic fish crate.

Teacher Tarah Thompson-Schwan says during the four-hour cleanup the Grade 10 O2 class from Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School picked up a variety of trash, including a lot of household items, full bags of household garbage, tires and small pieces of furniture. 

“This brings our grand total to 22,585 lbs. since our first O2 environmental cleanup in April of 2014,” she said.

 It was a year ago (June 7, 2017) that students cleaned up 4,320 lbs. from the Cleveland Road in a spot just down the road from the area of the May 31 cleanup.

The grand total for this spring’s cleanup was 2,090 lbs.  (858 lbs. on the Cleveland Road and 1,232 lbs. on Regent Street). Waste Check partners annually with the O2 class for these cleanups.

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