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Rucksack march had triple the expected participants

Event to be held again next year

YARMOUTH - A challenging event on April 14 that organizers hoped would have 30 participants, had triple that number.

The Rucksack March was held to help raise awareness about support groups available for veterans suffering with PTSD, operational stress injury, anxiety, depression or substance abuse.

A Yarmouth firetruck led the long line of rucksack packing supporters along Main Street, from the Yarmouth cenotaph to the memorial at Maple Grove School and back to the Yarmouth legion (14 km. total).

Tables were set up at the finish with refreshments and information on support groups. The event was jointly-sponsored by the Yarmouth and Wedgeport legions.

Co-organizer Todd Muise says the march went well.

“We had participants from so many departments,” he said.

“We had info from Atlantic Heroes, Operational Stress Injury Social Support, Wounded Warrior, Soldier On, Rally Point Retreat, the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, our legions and Veteran Affairs.”

The march will be held again next year, he added, though possibly a little further.

“The only complaint I got was the pace was too fast. Andre fired that guy for next year. (It was me),” laughed Muise.

Andre (Boudreau) co-organized the event.

The two (both members of the Wedgeport legion) organize a weekly coffee group, inviting veterans troubled by painful memories to meet with them and others in informal coffee sessions on Monday evenings 6:30-8 p.m.

For more information about the march or support groups

Todd Muise: cell 902-746-3959  Email

Andre Boudreau: cell 902-746-9170 Email

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