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Wharf Rat Rally organizers say 2018 traffic plan is in place and passes are available for residents

An overhead view of some of the motorcycles in town for the annual Wharf Rat Rally. MARK GOUDGE
An overhead view of some of the motorcycles in town for the annual Wharf Rat Rally. MARK GOUDGE - Mark Goudge

DIGBY, N.S. – The Wharf Rat Rally says its traffic plan is in place for the 2018 event and passes are now available for residents.

“The Town of Digby has again approved the traffic plan and also agreed to distribute passes to residents,” says Laura Simmons, executive director of the Wharf Rat Rally Motorcycle Association.

Resident passes are given to people who live on streets within the town that become motorcycle-only on Friday, Aug. 31 and remain motorcycle-only until Monday, Sept. 3.

People who live on parts of Montague Row, Water Street, Birch Street and Maiden Lane will be affected by the closure and can pick up their resident passes at the town hall during regular working hours. Identification showing the residency address will be required.

While streets near the waterfront are restricted to motorcycle traffic, the plan also affects First Avenue, which becomes one way southbound, and Queen Street, which becomes one way northbound starting Friday morning, Aug. 31 at 8 a.m. At that time, Water Street and the northern section of Montague Row also become one way northbound.

“Because the wharf is also in the motorcycle-only section of town, we distribute wharf passes for fishermen and suppliers to enable them to easily pass through our traffic barricades,” says Nadine Lauren, office manager of the Wharf Rat Rally.

Those passes are now available at the Harbour Master’s office on the wharf. The Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club also has passes for yacht club members who will need access to their boats.

“Last year we had over 8,000 motorcycles and 21,000 people come into Digby and we need an orderly way to manage the traffic, so the resident passes are a necessary part of the traffic plan,” explains Chairman Rickey Stewart.

The passes allow the associated vehicle to gain entrance past the barricades so people can get to their destinations.

“We’re grateful to have the Digby Search and Rescue provide volunteers to man the barricades, and we work hard to provide a stress-free experience for both the residents of Digby and our volunteers,” Stewart says. “We look forward to our visitors and residents extending every courtesy to the many volunteers who help.”


The 14th Annual Wharf Rat Rally runs in Digby from August 29 to September 2, 2018.

A full schedule can be found at

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