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Windsor-West Hants Pumpkin Regatta and parade brings thousands to region

WINDSOR, N.S. – Thousands of people lined Downtown Windsor’s streets to watch the Wishmaker’s Parade of Paddlers and the PVC’s (Personal Vegetable Crafts) work their way to the starting point of the regatta.

For Amy Vankippersluis and her two daughters Alina, 6 and Adelaide, 4, it was like a homecoming. 

“We’ve been living away for almost 10 years and have finally moved back home, so we’ve come out to enjoy the festivities of Windsor,” Vankippersluis said.

The family moved to Alberta 10 years ago, and were living in Pennsylvania for the previous five.

“It’s our second regatta back, but we missed last year’s,” she said. “It feels great, because both of the girls were born in Pennsylvania, so it’s very nice to share these traditions with them.” 

Alina, 6, received a pumpkin from one of the floats during the parade. She said she was excited to watch the regatta.

Rick Mahew, from Halifax, came to the regatta for the first time and said he was looking forward to the taking in the atmosphere of the event.

“I’ve been saying it for 20 years, I’ve always wanted to come and see it,” Rick Mahew said. “It’s a beautiful sunny day and a friend of ours is actually in it.”

The parade began at 12 noon and the pumpkins were eventually made their way to the Falmouth side of Lake Pisiquid before the races began shortly after 2:15 p.m.

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