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Local community, province and nation 'deeply saddened by this dark event,' Argyle warden says

Argyle Warden Richard Donaldson at Argyle's regular council meeting of Jan. 9.
Argyle Warden Richard Donaldson at Argyle's regular council meeting of Jan. 9. - Eric Bourque

Municipality of Argyle offers to help with relief efforts after Pubnico Head house fire

The Municipality of Argyle opened its first council meeting of the new year with a moment of silence honouring the victims of the Pubnico Head fire.

Earlier in the day, the municipality announced its plans to assist with the relief efforts for those affected by the tragedy.

“The Municipality of Argyle is deeply saddened by the tragic house fire in Pubnico and extends its sincerest condolences to the family members and to the community,” the municipality said in a news release prior to council’s regular meeting of Jan. 9.

At that session, Argyle Warden Richard Donaldson read a statement on behalf of the municipality.

“We offer our deepest condolences to those affected by the fire in Pubnico,” he said, describing the weekend blaze, which claimed the lives of four children, “almost unspeakable.”

The local community, province and nation are saddened by “this dark event,” he said.

“Our thoughts and prayers go to the family members recovering from this tragedy and to family and friends who are doing all they can in what seems like an impossible situation,” he said.

“Pubnico is a small community and Argyle is a small municipality, but it is in these darker times that we see the community stand tall by giving their spirit and their passion to rebuild what they love and to help their neighbours ... We ask our community to once again rise to the occasion and support these families in their time of greatest need.”

The municipality is doing its part to assist with relief efforts for those affected by the fire and to provide a safe and central location for donations.

Accounts in trust have been opened at the credit union and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) under the name Pubnico Fire Relief Fund. Anyone can make a donation at any credit union or RBC branch in Atlantic Canada using that name. The funds will be administered with the help of the Municipality of Argyle’s EMO co-ordinator and local community members. 

The municipal office will take names and numbers of those interested in providing items to those affected. As the specific needs are still uncertain, the municipality will keep an inventory of those items and co-ordinate as the need arises. Those interested can call 902-648-2314. 

In its media release, the municipality said it recognizes the difficult work of the local volunteer fire departments and emergency agencies.

The municipality also acknowledges the “incredible efforts already underway” to help those affected by the tragedy and encourages residents to support fundraisers and the like that may be held.


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