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Barricades still up as reclamation work continues on land used for film set at Cape Forchu Lighthouse in Yarmouth

YARMOUTH, N.S. – The film company that recently wrapped up filming of The Lighthouse on the Leif Ericson trail at the Cape Forchu site is now busy returning the property to its former state.

Greg Shay, interim CAO for the Municipality of Yarmouth, says crews have pretty well stripped all of the buildings and removed them. The scaffolding for the lighthouse will likely be the last thing dismantled.

The ground was disturbed “quite a bit” by the machinery required to put up the temporary buildings and lighthouse for the movie. Reseeding, re-sodding and resurfacing the walkways is in progress.

“It’s going well and will be completed within the next couple of weeks, dependent on the weather,” said Shay.

“The plan is to remove those barricades the end of next week, around the 18th, but they might move a little bit closer to the park itself,” he said.

The movie set from the film project that was underway in Yarmouth for the past few months.  PHOTO COURTESY OF BRENTEN MOULAISON
The movie set from the film project that was underway in Yarmouth for the past few months. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRENTEN MOULAISON

As there may still be some work left to do at the park, public activity may be restricted at the entrance until remediation has been completed.

Shay says it will likely take a while for natural vegetation to move back in and take over the site as it was before.

The film crew began setting up the set at the end of the Leif Ericson park on March 1. 

Initially people could still access the parking lot at the property in the early days of the film project but then a barricade was erected on April 4 near John’s Cove beach, permitting only those involved with the film and the handful of local residents to pass. It had initially been stated the barricades would be up until May 11.

Another set for interior shots was located at the Yarmouth airport in a hangar. After leaving Yarmouth there was some additional filming being done in Halifax.

While you can't go to the lighthouse property, you can still "visit" on the Cape Forchu Nova Scotia webcam. The film will be released next year and stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.

The film project created an economic boon for Yarmouth, touching countless aspects of the local economy. 


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