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Fundy Mist of Pubnico wins Jumbo Lobster Contest in Digby with a 20-pounder

DIGBY – Kevin D’Eon of the Fundy Mist from Pubnico landed the biggest-ever lobster entered in the Lobster Bash Jumbo Lobster contest in Digby.

David Morton holds up a 20-pound lobster caught by Kevin D’Eon of the Fundy Mist of Pubnico. That’s the 2015 winner and the biggest lobster ever entered in the Lobster Bash Jumbo Lobster contest.

David Morton represented the Fundy Mist at the contest on the Fundy Dockside stage in downtown Digby Friday, July 3.

He held up a 20-pound lobster – last year the winner was an already impressive 19.6 pounder.

Three other lobsters were entered in the opening contest of the 2015 Lobster Bash in Digby.

Chad Graham of the Chad and Sisters of Westport took second place with a 19-pounder and fellow Brier Islander Mitchell Swift of the Hunter Buck was third with an 18.5-pounder.

Waylon Mosher rounded out the field with a respectable 14.9 pounder.

The winners won $350 in cash, accommodations for two and dinner for two at the Fundy Complex.

The lobsters have been getting steadily bigger since Chester Richard of the Fundy Mariner won with a 16.85-pounder in the inaugural contest in 2013.

Last year John Morehouse of Digby won with a 19.6-pound lobster.

The Lobster Bash continues with a Kitchen party at the arena tonight and then a full schedule of lobster fishing competitions including the lobster crate run over water, the fish tub derby, a roller derby and many more events.

[Digby’s Lobster Bash adds roller derby and washer toss to festival lineup, June 23]

For more information on the Lobster Bash, including a full schedule, check out or the Lobster Bash Facebook page.

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