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Green Energy wind turbines generate more power than expected

Yarmouth County - After a full year of operation the amount of clean electricity produced by wind turbines erected last year by the Green Energy Committee has exceeded original estimates by 30 per cent.

One of two 50kW small wind turbines in Wellington established by the Green Energy community project.

The community energy project, which consists of two 50kW small wind turbines in Wellington, Yarmouth County, generates clean energy for the local electrical grid.

The community energy project was officially connected to the grid on Sept. 1 2016. Annual energy production was originally forecast to be approximately 143,000 kWh’s per turbine per year.

Neil MacKenzie, chair of the Green Energy Committee, is pleased with the first year of production and the additional revenue.

“I’m very happy with the performance of the project in its first year of operation. It’s wonderful to see clean energy produced locally that provides needed revenue for our municipal partners.”

After 12 months of operation the return on community investment for two wind turbines in Wellington is 35 per cent higher than expected.

MacKenzie feels the project was a good decision for the community and hopes the project will continue to perform well.

“When first planning this project there was a lot to consider. One of the biggest considerations was the local community and the potential energy production. The committee wanted to be sure the project location was acceptable to the community of Wellington and would produce the best return on investment. This location has shown to have been a good choice and I hope the project continues to perform as well as it has.”

Leland Anthony, warden for the Municipality of Yarmouth, believes projects like this one show the importance of partnering.

“This project works for the community and provides revenue for the Municipality of Yarmouth and our partners. I’m glad we chose to work together on a project like this and I’m happy to see how well the turbines are doing,” he said.

The Green Energy Committee is a joint committee of the Municipality of Yarmouth, the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipality of Argyle. The purpose of the partnership is to develop potential green energy opportunities and efficiencies among jointly owned infrastructure.

The project was enabled by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy’s community feed in tariff program (COMFIT).

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