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Lands and Forestry fire crews put out four fires in southwestern N.S.

Southwestern NS is especially dry due to drought conditions this summer.
Southwestern NS is especially dry due to drought conditions this summer. - Google map

BARRINGTON, N.S. – Provincial Lands and Forestry fire crews were kept busy late last week and over the weekend extinguishing a total of four fires in the Oak Park, Oak Park Lake, Pubnico Lake/Barrington River areas in southwestern Nova Scotia.

“They’re at one right now in Oak Park,” said Lands and Forestry spokesperson Jim Rudderham in an interview on Monday morning, Sept. 10. That fire started Sunday when “someone was burning brush” and it got away from them. “They’re still working to put that one out. There’s still some hot spots.”

Fire crews took several days to extinguish a forest fire in the backwoods of the Barrington River south of Pubnico Lake. “That fire is out,” said Rudderham. “It didn’t get very big. It looks like it started from someone having a camp fire. It’s very dry in Shelburne. These fires were all started by people. Two were burning brush and two were from camp fires.”

Rudderham noted there has been a 24/7 ban on burning in Shelburne County for well over a week and people need to start respecting that before something major happens.

There is no domestic burning and campfires allowed at all between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and burning has been restricted beyond that in southwestern Nova Scotia and other parts of the province. The province's Burn Restrictions map is updated every day at 2 p.m. 

Here's what the map looked like last week as burn restrictions were in place.

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