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Solar power explored by municipalities in Yarmouth County

The three municipalities in Yarmouth County have received initial approval for the Nova Scotia Department of Energy Solar for Community Buildings program.

Three municipalities have received initial approval for solar projects

YARMOUTH COUNTY -  Several municipalities in the region are exploring the possibility of solar power and have received initial approval from the project proponent, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

Last fall the department launched the Solar for Community Buildings program, which is designed to support community participation in renewable energy generation and to gauge the market and interest in solar photovoltaic (PV). Eligible community groups and organizations can generate (PV) electricity on their roofs or properties and sell it to their utility under a 20-year contract.

Under the solar initiative, interested parties who are eligible will be required to “bid” on the per kW rate they are prepared to accept on their project. The maximum project size is 50kW and there are several other conditions and parameters included in the legislation guiding the project.

The Green Energy Committee, a partnership of the Town of Yarmouth and the municipalities of Yarmouth and Argyle, submitted a comprehensive list of sites and project applications for the project.

Two potential projects in the Municipality of Yarmouth received initial approval under the program: 50 kW solar array on a building in the Hebron Business Park (electricity selling price 22 cents per kW) and 50 kW for the transfer station at the Waste Park (selling price 22.5 cents). The station is jointly owned by the three Yarmouth County municipal units.

The Municipality of Yarmouth is now working on technical specifications and details with consultants to determine if it is viable to proceed. The municipality has two years to participate in the projects if and when it agrees to advance.

The Town of Yarmouth was also a successful applicant for a 50 kW rooftop solar array on the Yarmouth Fire Department building with a bid price of 23 cents per kW.

The Municipality of Argyle was approved for installing a 25 kW solar array spread across two buildings at the West Pubnico treatment facility with a selling price of 22.5 cents kW, as well as a 50 kW array on the roof of the West Pubnico fire department (selling for 25 cents kW).

There were a total of 18 applicants in the province that received approval in 2017.

For more information on the Solar for Community Buildings Program for resources, downloads and related website

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