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Potential employees and employers unite at Digby job fair

DIGBY, NS- Resumes and applications were passed around from potential employees to employers at the annual Digby job fair today.

Attendees gathered at the Nova Scotia Works Digby Centre, in hopes of finding new employment.

There was a mix of 14 unique employers, from labor jobs to retail.

“It worked out really nicely this year with a mix of something for everyone,” said Jan Murley, workshop coordinator and facilitator with Nova Scotia Works.

Some employers were looking for full time, year-round employees. Others, were targeting seasonal workers.

Some Digby high school students were in attendance.

“It’s really all about assisting the employers and job seekers. We do our best to try and get some youth engagement as well,” Murley said.

Annah Boucher is the Director of Operations at Digby Pines Golf Course and Spa.

Boucher was on site because she thinks it’s important to advertise job postings to locals.

“We try and make sure we have a healthy balance in our positions between locals and students,” she said.

Fundy YMCA in Cornwallis was on site looking for employees for their aquatic center and a front desk position.

“Job fairs are a great way to connect with other employers and the community,” said Sharon MacAlpine the center manager.

HGS Call Centre was advertising work from home opportunities.

“Working from home gives you the ability to live your own lifestyle, you can work in your PJ’S and have a good family relationship,” said HGS recruiter Victoria Simon-Deveau.

HGS is looking to hire another 200 employees as soon as possible.

“We want to give communities in rural Nova Scotia opportunities that they haven’t always had.”

Tideview Terrace in Digby was accepting applications for volunteers and employees.

Ariel Rice started out as a volunteer and now she’s a neighborhood manager at the center.

“You can always start out as a volunteer and work your way up to a position. We’re always looking for new faces,” Rice said.

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