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New project at Centre acadien focuses on Acadian-Métis testimonials, life stories

Tania Saulnier, summer student at the Centre acadien.
Tania Saulnier, summer student at the Centre acadien. - Contributed

The Centre acadien in Church Point has recently launched a new project that aims to collect and preserve testimonials, life stories and experiences of the Acadian-Métis living in the Clare and Argyle regions. The data collection aims to gather more information on identity and the process by which people identify as Acadian-Métis.

The Centre acadien’s mission is to collect, preserve and classify information pertaining to Acadian history and culture, as well as make this material available to researchers and the public.

“Research on Métis identity is a current affairs topic for researchers and the public alike,” said Stéphanie St-Pierre, interim co-ordinator. “Given our mandate and mission, we believe it’s important for the Centre acadien to develop a data collection project to ensure that knowledge and past experiences are recorded and made available to future researchers.”

Tania Saulnier, a recent history major graduate from Université Sainte-Anne, will be working on this project throughout the summer thanks to the Canada summer jobs program.

“I am pleased to work on this project,” she said. “It is so important to record Acadian-Métis stories and experiences, as well as any other information they would like to share, especially since it is mostly an oral history and culture. We would not want this important information to be lost.”

The Centre acadien invites anyone interested in sharing their stories and life experiences pertaining to their Acadian-Métis identity and culture to participate in the project.

Participants must self-identify as Acadian-Métis and have Acadian ancestors from the areas of Clare or Argyle.

Those wishing to take part may contact Saulnier by phone at 902-769-2114 extension 7204 or by email at [email protected].

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