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Good clean fun: 5K Foam Fest draws thousands of eager participants to Windsor

WINDSOR, N.S. — Screams of joy mixed with a bit of fear could be heard near the end of the 5K Foam Fest in Windsor Sept. 2.

The final obstacle participants had to conquer was the 'Death Drop' — a three-storey tall inflatable slide.

“It was way higher than I thought it was,” said Kathy Johnston, the founder of Fitness Junkies. “When you're coming down it, you feel like you are literally weightless. It is definitely a death drop; it's named appropriately.”

Johnston said about 20 members of her Windsor-based club participated in the Sept. 2 event, some of which had never done anything like it before.

“Some of us ran it, some of us walked it, some of us did a combination, and everybody got dirty,” said Johnston, taking a quick break from cheering on more people she knew.

“(I'm) so proud. It's not just completing it, it's just taking the first step out and attempting it that I'm the most proud of,” Johnston said. “It's a hesitation that we all fight our inner selves with and they made it here and they completed it and they have the biggest smiles on their face; they're amazing.”

The obstacle course, which promotes getting filthy clean, featured about 20 obstacles, most of which involved mud, water or foam.

Robyn Montie, the registration lead and staffing coordinator at 365 Sports Events, said this was the first year the 5K Foam Fest has been held in Windsor and the turnout was good — about 3,000 people registered.

“We're getting amazing feedback,” said Montie, who noted they had a “great turnout” from Halifax.

In addition to the fun event, Montie said people were bringing donations to help support Feed Nova Scotia.

“We're getting a lot of thank yous for having our food donation drop off zone,” said Montie, noting they generally get about 1,000 pieces of food donated when they hold the 5K Foam Fest.


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