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Yarmouth Dog Park considering alternative location

Committee has been fundraising for three years

YARMOUTH -  A volunteer committee formed to oversee the development of a dog park on land provided by the Town of Yarmouth is now looking at other town-owned sites.

In 2015, a two-hectare property at 28 Jarvis Rd. was viewed by the town as unsuitable for building development because of storm water/drainage issues.

The land was proposed for off-leash use by dogs and their owners/tenders.

The town hired Upland, a planning and design studio, for $15,000 to design and cost the dog park project. The town also installed a culvert on the property. Estimated cost for the proposed park was over $400,000.

The plan included separate small and big dog parks, play features for dogs such as old tractor tires and play tunnels, shelters and benches for users, a drinking fountain for people and their dogs, benches, parking areas, an adjoining park for people with natural playground elements, trees, crusher dust pathways, and a double fenced-in area to reduce the possibility of dogs escaping.

The committee was tasked with fundraising, which it did through private and business donations, draws for donated items and a dog jog organized by Mile East Productions. Over the past three years $15,000 has been raised.

Recently, committee representatives presented plans for a scaled-down, less expensive version of the park ($60,000) to several councils in hopes of grant money.

The Town of Yarmouth gave a grant of $650, the Municipality of Yarmouth provided $1,000. The total amount raised is still far short of the amount required for fencing alone.

The committee has lost several members since forming, and remaining members are frustrated and discouraged.

“There’s been no progress,” said chair Martha Cassidy.

“We don’t even know what happens next.”

Mayor Pam Mood says she understands the level of frustration of the dog park committee. To help the project move along, the town is offering an optional site.

The property, located between the Mariners ballfield in the Broadbrook Recreation Park and the Broadbrook trail, is less than half the size of the Jarvis Road site. Parking is not easily accessible.

However, fencing a smaller area would be less costly, there is an existing fence on the east side of the lot and there is already grass cover.

The dog park committee is currently reviewing the option.


Those wishing to donate to the Yarmouth Dog Park can do so online through the Town of Yarmouth’s Community asset program by designating Yarmouth Dog Park.

The Yarmouth Dog Park Association Facebook Page 

Email the Yarmouth Dog Park

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