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Letter to the editor: Lobster Capital of Canada

I recently read a very well written letter to the editor: “Clare is not a place to avoid.”  The author is responding to a viral article “Dying towns:  10 towns in Canada smart immigrants avoid.”




  It is wonderful to see the pride the author has in this area, which is a trademark of this area, and one which many of us share.  


She is correct that the viral article erroneously attributed Yarmouth with the distinction Lobster Capital of Canada.  She goes on to say the honour is held by Shediac, New Brunswick, which is in fact not true.  The distinction of Lobster Capital of Canada belongs to Barrington Municipality.  After proving the municipality had the highest lobster landings of anywhere in Canada, including Shediac, they were given the distinction.  Shediac however holds the distinction Lobster Capital of the World.  I am not sure of the criteria for that title.


Wanda Atkinson.

Cape Sable Island,

 Barrington Municipality

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