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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Statement from Parade Street Animal Hospital in Yarmouth

YARMOUTH – Parade Street Animal Hospital would like to make a statement regarding an incident where a dog was rescued near Sand Beach. Carol Denomme has stated that no Yarmouth veterinary clinics would accept the rescued dog.

We have thoroughly examined our incoming calls for Tuesday morning, March 24. No one called us to bring in this dog.

An inquiry as to whether this dog had come to us came at noon, and another at 12:30 p.m.

 Both were from curious members of the public, not anyone associated with the dog rescue group. We only learned about the incident later in the day when Carla Allen called and spoke of it.

Since then, we have made our own inquiries and have subsequently made statements in the comment section on line and here in this letter.

As well, this newspaper has clarified the original article to reflect the true facts. Enough said. We would certainly aid an emergency regardless of having a full schedule. It happens on almost a daily basis.

As well, if one Yarmouth clinic replies it is swamped and you should try the other clinic in case they are less busy and can respond faster, it is with the understanding that you can call back if they too are swamped.

The most serious emergencies are dealt with first and support staff is utilized to begin carrying out instructions if a doctor is currently in surgery. That is how it works. We are all saddened by this incident but are firmly denying any suggestions we refused a call to assist.


Dr. Sherri Coldwell

Parade Street Animal Hospital


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