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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Yarmouth downtown music: Goodbye peaceful moment


There have been a lot of complaints recently about the piped music reverberating up and down Main Street in Yarmouth. Some via letters in this very newspaper.

I, like everyone else, have heard the pro-and-con piped music debate for months but paid  little attention, until recently.

I was sitting on a bench in the warm sunshine in Alma Square enjoying a small tub of our excellent local gelato outside the art gallery when this "music" started to invade my peaceful moment.

Coming over the speakers was a strident rapper chanting about how he hated "old white men."

I was instantly transported to the bowels of the worst ghettos in LA – a place I did not want to be – being an "old white man" myself.

Goodbye peaceful moment!

I wondered how this resonates with tourists who come here to escape that very atmosphere this sort of degrading rap "music" engenders in many of us.

I wondered how it must be for our poor captive retailers within earshot of this hideous trash music non-stop.

How about those that actually live in the area?

I think this piped music can be used to good effect in smaller doses and under careful supervision of a person with some sensitivity to the history and ambience of our peaceful surroundings and history.

It is nice to hear the carols at Christmas. Some occasional nautical shanties are good and suit our heritage. Soothing classical music sometimes perhaps and lots more silence with the system turned off so we can actually hear the sea gulls – the hallmark sound of a seaside town.

Did you know that you can't hear the seagulls from Alma Square any more over the piped noise?


Simon Jones,

Chebogue Point

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